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Freight Terms & Conditions

UK Courier Service Protection

Definitions of Terms

We, I, us or our shall refer to Couriers Europe light haulage service.
Customer shall refer to the person or company with whom we contract for the carriage of goods.
Goods shall be any items contracted for carriage.

Our Obligations

We shall transport the goods from the pre-notified collection point to the pre-notified delivery point within the time agreed by both parties.
We may use any means or route we consider appropriate. (Please see: ”Calculation of Route Used”)
We may use others to do part or all of the contract – but we will inform you of this before accepting your order.  Also please note that we only use other haulage/courier companies who we respect and know they offer the same high standard as Couriers Europe offers.

Calculation of Route Used

Couriers Europe uses the Google Maps to plan routes and the option used is “Fastest Route”. Couriers Europe have based their prices on this method of route calculation.  We understand that some companies prefer to use different methods of route calculation and we respect that – however, where our customer’s method calculates a shorter route, Couriers Europe will need to adjust the price/mile charged.

Customer Obligations

The customer must be the owner or have authority from the owner of the goods, to enter into a contract to transport the goods.
The customer must provide an accurate description of the goods and, where applicable, the goods must be properly packed and clearly labelled.
The customer will be liable for any costs incurred due to goods not disclosed to us.
Any illegal goods found within a consignment will be reported to relevant authority without prior notification to any other party.
The customer will make payment for the full invoice total within the time scale agreed with us – Please see “Payment Terms” below.


We will not be liable for any loss or delay due to industrial action, an act of god or unforseen traffic conditions We will not be liable for any consequential loses due to late delivery or damaged goods or any other reason, including ferries and planes. 
We will not be liable for any loss or damage or delay caused by customs, police or any other law enforcement officer.
Any claims must be made in writing within 7 working days of delivery.
Any passengers carried along with their goods or personal effects, do so at the customers or passengers own risk.

Payment Terms

Payment on delivery of goods. No Exceptions Unless Otherwise Agreed.


We are under no obligation to provide any labour or equipment for the purpose of loading or unloading goods.
If special equipment is needed then it is up to the customer to ensure the equipment is available at both the collection and the delivery points.


Any contract canceled on arrival at collection point with out prior notice will be subject to a charge , taking into account distance travelled, any waiting time and any other costs incurred.


All quotations given on the basis of prompt acceptance by the customer, unless withdrawn by us.

Our Liabilities

We shall be liable for loss or damage to goods in our possession. The maximum amount that can be claimed at present is up to £20,000 (Our Insurance Certificates can be viewed at any time upon request). If you need more insurance than this please contact us.


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